The Domain Name Association is a large and growing trade association that promotes growth and innovation, provides resourcing and networking opportunities, and communications for the great industry of Domain Names.

We are on a mission to elevate awareness of the benefits, value and innovation potential available through the crucial Internet technology of Domain Names, DNS and Top Level Domains.

Presenting the Power of Domain Names

Domain names are powerful, enabling technology – aiding billions of Internet users to find what they are looking for, transact, connect, and communicate daily.  The utility, benefit, and innovation possible using domain names is virtually limitless.

Domain names are unique addresses on the Internet used to identify websites. With the introduction of non-traditional domain name extensions, businesses and marketers now have more options than ever to incorporate domain names in their branding strategies.

The Domain Name Association (the DNA) brings together the domain name industry to provide the expertise and content that businesses and marketers need. Whether you’re a marketer, domain expert, or just learning more about the industry, take a look at some of our featured resources below.

       Hidden Advantages of a Relevant

Domain Name Extension

A study commissioned by the DNA on the impact of domain name choice on SEO

What is the Domain Name Association?

The Domain Name Association (The DNA) is a non-profit global business association established as an industry-led effort to:

    • Increase awareness of domain names and share the value they provide as a primary tool for users to navigate the Internet
    • Foster a healthy domain environment, increase adoption of domain names and ensure they’re accepted across browsers, web forms, and other digital vehicles
    • Provide access to expertise and resources, enabling domain name stakeholders, DNA members and partners organizations to collaborate and share knowledge to solve the crucial commercial issues facing the domain name industry.

The DNA is the first industry trade association to represent the interests of the entire domain name industry with regard to provisioning, expanded adoption and use of domain names. Domain names are unique addresses on the internet used to identify websites. With the introduction of non-traditional domain name extensions, businesses and marketers now have more options than ever to incorporate domain names in their branding strategies.

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10 Ways to Use Domain Names to

Enhance Your Brand

Inventive ways to enhance your brand’s presence using domain names

DNA Blog and Member News

TheDNA: Connecting the Dots within the Industry of Domains

At the ICANN meeting in Kobe, Japan, The Domain Name Association held their popular member breakfast, where leaders in the industry give and receive updates on the current events and trends that are unfolding - joined by leaders from other associations and groups...

Radix reports over 45% growth in profitability for 2018

Member Earlier this week, Radix announced that it grossed $16.95M in total revenue in 2018, a 30% rise over its revenue in 2017. Radix’s net profit also grew by 45.6% in comparison to last year. Overall, Q4 2018 was its strongest quarter. In the total a…

Radix’s .SITE hits 1M milestone

Member Last week, .SITE surpassed 1 million domains under management. This makes Radix the first nTLD portfolio registry to have two of its TLDs, .ONLINE and .SITE, in the coveted “1 million club”. .SITE has been among the top three fastest-growing nTLDs glob…

Fireside Chat with Bhavin Turakhia at NamesCon 2019

Member At NamesCon 2019, Bhavin Turakhia, the founder of Radix, Flock, and Zeta, gave a phenomenal keynote speech which was followed by an interesting fireside chat between Bhavin Turakhia and Soeren von Varchmin, President, Cloudfest/NamesCon.

Domain Name
Registrations at a Glance

A comprehensive look at the industry’s domain name registration growth

Healthy Domain Initiative 

Healthy practice recommendations for domain registries and registrars

Domains In Use In The Wild

(source: InTheWild.Domains)

Have a look at some interesting and creative websites submitted from around the Internet that showcase the innovation and creativity of individuals and organizations that leverage domain names in creative and powerful ways.