While TLD Registry’s TLDs, Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website have benefited greatly from our  cogent multilingual and multicultural PR and marketing campaign, our good reputation within the domain  name industry has been greatly helped via our DNA membership.

In my work for TLD Registry, I was tasked with helping this unknown SME (a new gTLD registry with two  Chinese IDN TLDs) to become known as a high-profile industry leader, within limited time and resources.  Our marketing campaign began at ICANN 46 Beijing, and at ICANN 48 Buenos Aires, TLD Registry’s  proprietors approved the registry to join the DNA as a Supporting Member.

As the industry is a remarkably compact one – with key players numbering in the dozens, rather than  similar industries which have countless players – the importance and value of having friends cannot  be overstated. The domain industry suffers fools for not a moment. Domain industry companies and  individuals are recognized for their abilities, first and foremost. As a full member of the DNA, TLD Registry  has been easily able to access a platform to quickly demonstrate the abilities and acuity of the registry’s  leadership team.

We’ve learned, by direct experience, that the DNA’s marketing, policy and technology committees are  forums where real work gets done, quickly, efficiently, and without any individual member enjoying undue advantage. DNA members, from the smallest to the largest, have equal opportunity to contribute and to benefit. One might say that this democratic approach is part of the DNA’s DNA.

Fortunately for TLD Registry, the peer recognition and exceptional networking opportunities that our DNA membership has provided have been converted into additional forward momentum for Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website.

The TLD Registry team has no doubt that the cost of membership and participation has been generously  paid back with direct business benefits, both tangible and intangible.

I urge other SMEs in the domain name sector to capitalize on DNA membership this very day.

— Simon Cousins, CEO, Allegravita

(This article was originally published in the State of the Domains, Issue 2: February 2015 premiering at ICANN 52 in Singapore)

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