[Interview was Recorded July 26, 2019]

The DNA’s Jothan Frakes had the privilege of meeting with Ruth McCartney, CEO of McCartney Multimedia about how celebrities and brands can extract the amazing potential of Domain Names and TLDs.

The Domain Name Association is the leading Trade Association for the industry of Domain Names, DNS and Top Level Domain Names.

As part of their ongoing efforts to help with highlighting the benefits, utility, value and innovation potential of Domain Names, Jothan Frakes began a guest interview program, and this is the first of its kind.

Meet Ruth McCartney, the ‘Digital Diva’ and CEO of McCartney Media. With an early start maintaining a fan club for a VERY popular band, Ruth’s mastery of marketing has traversed many digital transformations in media and audience engagement.

Jothan Frakes discusses a number of aspects of Top Level Domain Names and Website Naming methods with Ruth, and they discuss a wide array of the application of domain names in pursuit of supporting charities, celebrity representation and branding.

More about Ruth McCartney: https://mccartney-multimedia.com / https://mccartney.com
More about the Domain Name Association: https://thedna.org
More about the causes and charities discussed in the video: https://mccartney-multimedia.com/causes-we-support-2/

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