At the ICANN meeting in Kobe, Japan, The Domain Name Association held their popular member breakfast, where leaders in the industry give and receive updates on the current events and trends that are unfolding – joined by leaders from other associations and groups throughout the industry, in an unprecedented showing of solidarity.

The most remarkable trend that theDNA has been leading is one of collaboration and communication – openness and friendly, collegiate dialog between the growing number of representative groups in the industry. 

The industry of Domain Names is a growing, nuanced realm of professional companies, groups, specialty interests and associations – often with differing perspectives – all working to evolve the system and promote healthy activities while growing security, stability and resilience of the system of domain names that powers global commerce.

Pictured above, Members of theDNA were joined by leaders from, the Registry Stakeholder Group, Brand Registry Group, Internet Commerce Association, ECO, Internet Infrastructure Coalition, Universal Acceptance Steering Group, GeoTLD Group.

The maturity and development of a robust and sophisticated industry benefits greatly from the efforts of all of the interests within the domain name industry, and having in place the right communication and trusted relationships that allow everyone to place principles first in respectful dialog is a valuable benefit that DNA members receive. 

The DNA is working hard with the leadership of many of the other important associations within the industry towards understanding and fortifying their efforts. 


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