kurtpritzI am delighted to welcome many of you to Singapore and thank you all for your continued support of the Domain Name Association. On behalf of the Marketing Committee, I am pleased to deliver an informative State-of-the-Domains report, new types of content have been added to provide additional value and I look forward to your recommendations for enhancements.

With close to 500 new online naming opportunities available – and hundreds more to follow – the DNA will continue to provide value to members: promoting  the use of domain names as the single best way to establish a permanent,  memorable Internet presence; pushing forward on Universal Acceptance; facilitating  registry-registrar interactions to build a smooth domain name registration  experience; and monitoring and reporting industry developments .

In support of Universal Acceptance the DNA and others have teamed with ICANN to accelerate progress. The DNA is leading a marketing/communications  effort that is being facilitated by ICANN. Other industry leaders (Google,  Go-Daddy, Microsoft, Apple, Donuts and others) are developing technical  approaches to the issue. In a separate effort, DNA members constructed a Universal Acceptance Repository to house and categorize the  knowledge base, provide advice, and accept problem reports.

The DNA’s Registry-Registrar Operations group, formed to build common practices and smooth the domain name registration process, continues to progress.  The group has identified two projects on which to work and that effort will continue at the Singapore meeting.

The DNA’s recently published global Domain Name Survey reinforced the conclusions  of the preliminary findings reported earlier: Internet users still use domain  names widely, voice a preference for new domain name extensions, and  “get it” when it comes to the possibilities. When Internet users generally become aware of the new options, there  will be general acceptance and perhaps even eagerness to adopt the new product.

This issue of the State-of-the-Domain includes a new approach to measuring success through the use of industry  statistics developed by Andy Brier at namestat.org. This is a work in progress that is likely to lead to adoption of  new industry-wide metrics. In this issue we also rely on the expertise of Kevin Murphy and Kieren McCarthy who,  through interviews with many DNA members, take a look forward to what 2015 will bring in the industry.

Our successes, past and planned, are enabling the DNA to grow and expand our influence. Brand owners and  others find the DNA the place to gain industry knowledge. Our voice on matters of policy, universal acceptance  and marketplace expertise is becoming well-recognized and valued.

Thank you to everyone for your contribution.


kurtsignatureKurt Pritz

Executive Director

The Domain Name Association

(This article was originally published in the State of the Domains, Issue 2: February 2015 premiering at ICANN 52 in Singapore)

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