kurtpritzDear DNA Members:

It is really great being able to write the introductory letter for this first DNA State-of-the-Industry Report.

On behalf of the Marketing Committee, I commit to delivering an informative and useful report and look forward to recommendations for enhancements.

With close to 400 new online naming opportunities available – and nearly 1,000 more to follow – the Domain Name Association will track industry developments and use innovative statistics to measure success. What does the DNA have to celebrate in addition to this report? First, we celebrate our members: a globally diverse set of new and legacy TLD operators and registrars, including highly respected ccTLDs, famous brands and innovative new companies that are changing the domain name landscape.

Several members of your Marketing Committee worked extremely hard to make the DNA Domain Name Awareness Survey successful. This global research survey, conducted for the DNA in 10 countries, demonstrates that there is interest and value in the availability of new names. The initial data confirms some of our assumptions but offers surprises and provides pointers to new, welcoming markets and a public awaiting new choices and opportunities. The mission of the DNA is to promote the interests of the domain name industry by advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet. Our Technical Committee has made important strides in Universal Acceptance and has been asked to provide its expertise to the U.S. Financial Service Roundtable (FSR) to resolve the challenge of bank customer portals that do not accept email addresses using new domain name extensions. Through such trade organizations we can cure Universal Acceptance issues in entire industries.

The Policy Committee has crafted several public comments and interventions both inside and outside the ICANN sphere on several topics. Notably, our intervention at NETmundial in Brazil helped lead to increased Domain Name Industry representation in the IANA oversight transition discussion.

Finally, the DNA is expanding its newly formed Operations Working group, opening it to everyone in the domain name industry in order to spur discussions that will lead to greater efficiencies in registry-registrar interactions.

What does the future hold? It is full of challenges and opportunities. The combination of our members’ talents, skills, and knowledge is without peer. It is an engine that will be put to powerful uses.

In the future you can expect more DNA Member Roundtable meetings to share viewpoints and experiences.

The survey results will inform the DNA communication and education plan and we will provide raw data and analysis to help our members.

Our successes to date enable the DNA to grow and expand our influence. Brand owners and others find the DNA the place to gain industry knowledge. Our voice on matters of policy, universal acceptance and marketplace expertise is becoming well recognized and valued.

Thanks everyone,



Kurt Pritz Executive Director

(This editorial was originally published in the State of the Domains, Issue 1: October 2014 premiering at ICANN 51 in Los Angeles)

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