Innovation in Domains

TheDNA, as part of its mission to highlight and example the benefits, fundamental utility, and innovation possible with Domain Names, would like to call your attention to a number of initiatives that our members are part of.


If you are a member of TheDNA and seek to elevate awareness of your efforts and seek to add your initiatives here in our directory, please email us at

Domain Connect

This initiative, started by GoDaddy, and then released into the general industry, is a fantastic template system for configuring DNS and partnered technologies.  By using an agreed set of templates, providers of DNS and services like Web Hosting, Email, Business Suite, Calendaring, SSL Certificates, and more are able to have an expedited, simplified, hassle-free experience available to domain registrants and administrators.


ID4me is a public, open, federated digital identity service that aims to provide two main functions:

Authorization of a user for access to any third party accepting ID4me identifiers (“single sign-on” on an Internet scale);
Controlled communication of the user’s personal information to the third parties accessed by the user.

No password recycling, no websites leaking accounts: with ID4me, you only log in once at the provider of your choice, and you only have one account and one password to secure.

Universal Acceptance and UASG

TheDNA and their members support and fortify the efforts of Universal Acceptance of all domain names.

The Universal Acceptance Steering Group is a community-based team working to share this vision for the Internet of the future with those who construct this space: coders. The group’s primary objective is to help software developers and website owners understand how to update their systems to keep pace with an evolving domain name system (DNS).

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