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What is the Healthy Domain Initiative (HDI)?

A DNA-led initiative meant to:

Encourage development of a healthy domain name system
Build on success of the industry
Address global domain name growth
Demonstrate proactive self-regulation

Important Notices

DNA encourages adoption but these are voluntary measures
HDI is industry-led not under the aegis of ICANN
DNA will forego formal metrics program to measure influence

Recommendation Summaries

Addressing Online Security Abuse

Objective: Further reduce security abuse in the DNS

Recommended Practices:

  • Improve credential management on platforms
  • Minimize risks associated with compromised domains
  • Detect and mitigate abuse at point of registration
  • Identify and mitigate abuse on ongoing basis
  • Receive and handle abuse reports

Enhancing Child Abuse Mitigation Systems

Objective: Expand on existing methods for addressing content related to child abuse and provide education to combat abuse

Recommended Practices:

      • Establish system for imagery handlingo Accurately reflect applicable law
      • Establish “trusted notifier” system
      • Consider technologies from outside experts:
        • NCMEC’s URL initiative
        • Photo DNA programs
        • IWF’s Image Hash Tag List

Complaint Handling for “Rogue” Pharmacies

Objective: Address and disable illegal online pharmacies

Recommended Practices:

        • Partner with organizations combatting the problem
        • Notify relevant organizations of rogue actors
        • Take action on confirmed illegal sites
        • Establish trusted notifier and third party validation system

Want to learn more about DNA Healthy Domains Initiative Committee? Contact us at and get connected to our HDI Committee.

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