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Former ICANN Executive Kurt Pritz Takes on Role as DNA Executive Director

The board of the Domain Name Association announced today that Kurt Pritz has assumed the role as interim Executive Director for the newly created organization.

Kurt played an important role in the growth of ICANN and is best known as the architect of ICANN’s new gTLD program. He will build on deep, positive existing business relationships within the industry to develop a vibrant, effective association: applying his track record in teambuilding and bringing together diverse skillsets to the knowledgeable and talented members of the Domain Name Industry.

Prior to joining ICANN, Kurt spent nearly a decade at Walt Disney Imagineering where, as Vice President, Engineering & Production, he was responsible for the technical design and delivery of theme park shows and rides worldwide. Kurt also served Eaton Corporation as Plant Manager, advancing the state-of-the-art in automated electronics and avionics manufacturing.

Kurt holds a BS and MS in Physics, an MBA and a JD and is admitted to the California State Bar. He is published in technical journals and in law review. He has testified before Congress on three occasions to promote and explain the benefits of the new gTLDs, and was named one of the 50 most influential people by Managing Intellectual Property magazine in 2011 and 2012.

“Kurt Pritz is the right man for the job of making the Domain Name Industry’s first-ever trade association a must-join organization,” said Adrian Kinderis, chair of the interim board and CEO of ARI Registry Services. “He has been a long time industry participant through his senior position at ICANN and during his tenure built healthy relationships across the industry both in the ccTLD and gTLD namespaces. He is well respected and will be vital in driving the Domain Name Association’s mission and initiatives.”

About the DNA

The Domain Name Association (the DNA) is a non-profit business association that represents the interests of the domain name industry. It is independent and global in scope, and its membership is open to organizations involved in the provision, support, and sale of domain names, such as domain name registries, registrars, resellers, and registry service providers.

Founding members serving on an Interim Board include ARI Registry Services, Demand Media, Donuts, FairWinds Partners, GoDaddy, Google, Momentous, United TLD, and WhatBox?. DomainsBot Inc., Minds + Machines, and RightOfTheDot, LLC are also Founding members.

The DNA’s mission is to promote the best interests of the domain name industry by advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet. More information is available at

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