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By Jeff Sass, Judy Song-Marshall and Simon Cousins*


The DNA’s marketing committee has had a busy period since our last report in State of the Domains, issue 3.

On behalf of the committee, we’re pleased to present a review of our recent output:

State of the Domains.

The issue you hold in your hands is the 4th edition of the DNA’s official magazine. We feel that with issue 4, State of the Domains has evolved from an association newsletter to a real magazine, with interesting and relevant commentary from DNA members and non-members.jeffsass

Issue 3’s experiment with offering advertising to support printing costs has now become a standard feature.

With the recent launch of the DNA’s website v2.0, all State of the Domains original content is now available online as well as in downloadable full-issue PDF format, so please share the online edition with your colleagues and friends: thedna.org/resources/ state-of-the-domains/

We hope that you enjoy reading the DNA’s flagship magazine as much as we enjoyed assembling it.

Display advertising.

judysongIn State of the Domains issue 3, we introduced the first of a series of DNA infographics. In issue 4 (see this issue’s center page spread), we are pleased to deliver the first in a series of display advertisements to project the DNA’s mission to promote, advance and support our industry.

We anticipate you will see this ad appear in diverse places where our message will be impactful.

The DNA is actively building out our portfolio of infographics and ads, fact sheets and other collateral items. We invite all DNA members to repurpose these materials for individual company and industry-wide benefit.

Please let us know your thoughts around future advertising initiatives!

DNA University.

Neustar’s Tony Kirsch has taken on the role of Dean of our DNA University initiative, and the first two DNA University webinars have been successfullysimoncousins staged.

We have reached hundreds of people in the live webinars, and potentially thousands via the online recordings of the webinars, which you can see at thedna.org/dna-university/archivedwebinars.

If you are reading this article before the ICANN 54 Dublin meeting, please be sure to attend the DNA University seminar on Wednesday 21st October (see Tony’s article on page 20 for more information).

Tony and the marketing committee have a full slate of DNA University events planned through to the end of 2015. Let us know what you’d like to see!

DNA website 2.0.

Many members may have noticed that a new-generation website was launched in August. The website team is extremely proactive in blogging about developments in the domain sector, and new content appears weekly. Links to all current and past DNA initiatives have impressed many key opinion leaders and media. The website team is currently developing version 2.5, due for release in Q4, and featuring rich new “member’s only” features and benefits.

Industry Leader videos.

Shot at the ICANN 52 meeting, our first batch of Industry Leader videos has been warmly welcomed by the domain media. Intended as short, evergreen commentary on our industry, this series will continue with approximately five new videos following ICANN 53 and beyond. Our Industry Leader videos can be seen at thedna. org/resources/dna-videos and at the DNA’s YouTube channel (members and friends, please subscribe to our YouTube channel today!)

Domains in the Wild.

The DNA’s showcase for innovative uses of domain names in the “real world” continues to grow in popularity and reach. Covering the entire spectrum of domain names, from the new domain extensions, to the ccTLDs, to the legacy TLDs, we invite all to submit their examples for immediate publication and promotion.

Work in progress.

The marketing committee is close to completing a new member onboarding kit and a new media kit, along with several other new initiatives.

In closing, the DNA marketing committee would like to echo Adrian Kinderis’ comments in his letter to members, in this issue of State of the Domains, by thanking Kurt Pritz most sincerely and deeply for his leadership of the DNA over the past two years. Kurt has been the marketing committee’s biggest supporter and fan, and as Adrian said, we simply couldn’t have achieved the momentum (or delivered our work product) without his constant advice, coaching, encouragement and support. Kurt, thank you!

*- Jeff Sass is CMO of .CLUB Domains, a director of the DNA, and chair of the DNA marketing committee.

Judy Song-Marshall is Director of Product Marketing at Neustar, and is a director of the DNA.

Simon Cousins is CEO of Allegravita, a member company of the DNA.

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