Report Reveals Growth in e-Commerce, Smartphone use and Impact of Domain Name in Search Results


Released at the end of November, 2018, this survey reveals a variety of trends, such as the weight that Internet users place upon the domain name within search results as a matter of trust and impact of the psychology of the click actions ans selection criteria, an increase in registrations and registration volume being tied to the economic health and prosperity, increases in online shopping, smartphone activity increase, and shockingly low use of voice navigation.

Dutch people are spending more and more time on the internet with their smartphones. On average, phone users’ monthly time on line has gone from forty hours in 2016 to sixty-one hours in 2018. Facebook and Google account for the lion’s share of that time: twenty-six hours between them.

The survey is worth a read – the Netherlands are, by population and quantity of registration of domains, the highest number of registrations per-person on the planet, so it is often a good indication of global trends and future market factors.

Michiel Henneke

Marketing Manager

At SIDN we work at the heart of Dutch Internet. Our mission is to make .nl the most reliable and succesful domain worldwide. To achieve this we develop policy, products and services aimed at making internet use a carefree experience. Always in close collaboration with our channel. To achieve this we avidly gather knowledge of the market and share this with our customers.

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